Why Affiliate With KCEA?


Seven Reasons Why Pennsylvania Fundamental Christian Schools
Should Affiliate With KCEA.

1. Location

Your school is close to, not far from, all services and activities.

  • KCEA is “Pennsylvanians helping fellow Pennsylvanians.”
  • KCEA specializes in real, practical, personal services tailored to the needs of Pennsylvania ministries — and we are never far away.
  • Offices are at Harrisburg.
  • Meetings and activities are held at convenient locations like Altoona, Bloomsburg, Clymer, Geigertown, Harrisburg, Huntingdon, Lancaster, Lewistown, Mount Pleasant, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Sellersville, West Chester, and Williamsport.

2. Augmentation

Your school gains four Christian school specialists onto its staff.

  • The KCEA staff’s over 100 combined years of experience means that affiliating schools enjoy a favorable expense-to-benefit ratio.
  • KCEA is the inexpensive way for a school to add expertise without having to add all of the staff that would be required to operate a quality program. Much is gained for so little.
  • All of this professional help comes from personnel who know you and your ministry. The staff develops a personal relationship with each Pennsylvania pastor, principal, and people, yielding all of the advantages of personalized service tailored to local needs.

3. Preservation

Your school has a stake in the protection and promotion of Christian education.

  • KCEA’s legislative services for Pennsylvanians are unmatched.
  • KCEA specializes in securing local grass roots involvement prompted by understandable, accurate, and timely analysis of the issues. This method of influencing government, whether at the state or national level, impacts the outcome of legislative bodies the most.
  • Pennsylvanians, not someone else, are best at influencing Pennsylvania’s elected officials, and it is not good stewardship to seek to influence the officials of other states.

4. Participation

Your school activities can be enlarged and the school’s image can be enhanced in the eyes of students, parents, staff, and friends.

  • KCEA features individual competitions and festivals in academic tests, academic projects, Bible, fine arts, and creative writing. Group competitions occur in sports, music, speech, and Bible Quiz.
  • Other popular activities include the All-State Choir, All-State Band, the Keystone Christian Honor Society, and legislative Civics Days.
  • KCEA’s printed materials and speaker’s bureau come in very handy.
  • Everything is close. Everything is professional.

5. Education

Your school program can be improved and strengthened.

  • The biggest challenges of today are not related to money, rather to quality. Quality assures strength.
  • For personnel, KCEA offers professional staff training, placement services, and professional Staff Certification.
  • For institutions, KCEA offers school improvement programs, discounted professional products (including Stanford Achievement Tests), plus professional consultations and troubleshooting that can be conducted by mail, telephone, or on site.

6. Information

Your school administration receives valuable, timely, practical helps.

  • KCEA saves you many dozens of hours of research time each month.
  • KCEA serves affiliated schools with monthly updates on relevant religious, educational, administrative, legal, and legislative issues.
  • Special Reports are circulated, giving detailed analysis of topics upon which administrators may act. Recent topics have included instructions on child abuse reporting, screening requirements for new workers, and legal ways to build a beneficial fringe benefit package.

7. Reputation

Your school can support an organization that is predictable and stable, one that remains consistent with your faith and practice.


  • KCEA is open to scrutiny. It is now in its third decade of rendering dependable, professional service to Pennsylvanians. Since it ministers exclusively in your neighborhood, you can personally know its leadership, attend all business meetings, and compare KCEA’s claims and its product.
  • KCEA does not set aside its doctrinal statement and/or philosophy of ministry for financial or numerical gain.
  • KCEA is a consistent champion of autonomy and independence for local ministries.

How to Affiliate

Download a PDF copy of the 2019-2020 KCEA School Affiliation Application form.

Return the completed form, signifying complete agreement with the KCEA Statement of Doctrine, to the KCEA Office at the following address:

Keystone Christian Education Association
6101 Bell Road
Harrisburg  PA  17111

KCEA’s name says a lot about why KCEA merits church support.


  • Independent, autonomous state organization
  • Effective leadership responsible to the local grassroots
  • Standing with separated fundamentalists in ecclesiastical matters and with conservative groups in civic matters
  • Fundamental to the preservation of our historic, religious liberties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania


  • Biblical in our perspective
  • Orthodox in our doctrinal statement
  • Fundamental in our positions
  • Separatist, uncompromising in our ecclesiastical patterns


  • Protecting religious liberties through a regular active presence in the legislature
  • Disseminating information relative to Christian family, church, and school issues
  • Promoting Christian education through quality programs for the students, school administrators, and church leadership
  • Providing discerning leadership for Christians in an increasingly humanist, secular, pleasure-seeking society


  • Self-perpetuating, diversified Board of Directors
  • Decisionmaking limited to affiliating ministries
  • Collective action with other like-minded independents
  • Supporting the autonomy of the family, the local school, and the local church

The History and Practice of KCEA Demonstrate
Why Churches Can Support KCEA with Confidence.

How to Affiliate

To download a PDF copy of the KCEA Church Affiliation Application form, click here.

Return the completed form, signifying complete agreement with the KCEA Statement of Doctrine, to the KCEA Office at the following address:

Keystone Christian Education Association
6101 Bell Road
Harrisburg, PA  17111