It Is Time

KCEA recently produced It Is Time, a 24-minute video detailing the history of the modern Christian school movement in Pennsylvania and KCEA. It also informs of the legal and legislative battles fought in years past, and of those going on today. And it gives first-hand accounts of the reasons why KCEA exists, why both Christian education and KCEA will be needed in the future, and the importance of ministries working together to support each other through mutual activities and helps.

To view It Is Time, click here. This video could be used for staff in-service, parent-teacher meetings, a Christian Education Sunday in your church, or to give to your school’s parents. The video’s resolution quality can be changed to suit the speed of your internet connection and your ministry’s presentation needs.


Brief audio excerpts of a selected number of past Choir and Band performances are available here.

In the future, KCEA anticipates this page will include noteworthy audio content from Conference workshops or general assembly speakers, and audio updates on issues of timely importance, such as religious liberty, government regulations and reporting requirements for schools, etc.