A Great History

Click here to view It Is Time, a 24-minute video detailing the history of the modern Christian school movement and KCEA, why KCEA exists, and why both Christian education and KCEA will be needed in the future.

The Keystone Christian Education Association (KCEA) has been providing a vital service to churches and Christian schools across the Keystone State since 1974. The effectiveness of the church, schools and childcare ministries, and families is our full-time interest.

The Board of Directors is comprised of ten or more pastors and administrators from every corner of our state, giving a wide divergence of experience and input on behalf of the fundamental ministries in our state.

The office of Executive Director stands ready to serve the affiliate through various programs and services provided by the KCEA. Through the years, a wide array of resources has been developed.

Whether a school is new and entering the first stages of organization and curriculum development or an established school with expanding programs, the KCEA stands ready to assist in providing a thoroughly Christian ministry with a quality program.

KCEA also represents the overall movement of Bible-believing Christians. Churches and families have grown to rely upon KCEA for quality programs that benefit them, too.

KCEA is keeping an eye on government and an ear to the vital issues of our day affecting our religious liberties. With the increased affiliation and communication provided by the KCEA, a great deal of pressure is placed on liberal intents to encroach upon our freedoms.

KCEA’s future is bright, but the key to our effective representation will be participation. More and more pastors, principals, teachers, and Christian laymen are looking to the KCEA for direction.

Your participation and consistent involvement with the Association is deeply appreciated.