Professional, Dedicated Staff

Dr. Ted & Mrs. Shirley Clater

Dr. Ted & Mrs. Shirley Clater

Ted is an ordained minister of the Gospel and has ministered on a full-time basis with KCEA since 1979. He holds a Master’s degree  in Christian Education and has 40 years of experience in pastoral and Christian education ministries. Clearwater Christian College conferred upon Ted the Doctor of Pedagogy, Honoris Causa, in 2001. With KCEA, Ted’s role is to give administrative oversight to the whole ministry and its staff, to produce KCEA’s publications, and to act as liaison with the government regarding education and childcare issues.

Shirley’s Master’s degree is in Christian Education, and her 40 years of experience as church/school worker (plus wife and mother) have come in handy. She began with KCEA on a part-time basis, and this grew to a full-time commitment by the late 1980’s. With KCEA, she serves as the office manager and specializes in administering the student and staff-oriented programs of the Association.

Joshua Janyszek

Josh joined the full-time KCEA Staff in June 2019. He has earned a BA in English and a Master’s in History, and is licensed to preach. For 15 years he has ministered as a Christian school teacher in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. He has also assisted with school administration, and has served as a deacon and teacher in his local church.  His primary area of responsibility will be to coordinate the many year-round activities and programs of the Association.

Part-Time Specialists

Michael Clater

Michael came to minister in 2009. His education includes a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and a Master’s degree in History.  He has a lifetime of knowledge of KCEA’s activities and programs and a decade of experience as a collegiate librarian.  He continues to serve through his strengths in research, legislative and legal issues, and student programs.

Nathan Hoerner

Nathan lends his academic degree and expertise in accounting to handle the details of KCEA’s bookkeeping and checkwriting.  Nathan was involved in KCEA throughout his childhood and teen years, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting.  He began serving in KCEA in 2016. He actively serves in his local church as song leader, Sunday School teacher, and church treasurer.