A Legislative Presence

Few accolades have been missed, whether from pastors and administrators across Pennsylvania or from legislators who are “in the know,” when descriptions have been given of KCEA’s work. Numerous proposals have been defeated, and many others have been modified to conform to the concepts of religious liberty. This legislative presence enables KCEA’s publication, consultative, and other ministries to be “on top” of Harrisburg and general societal issues to be of best help to ministries statewide.

While all staff are conversant with a variety of legislative and legal issues that impact the Bible-believing community, Ted Clater specializes in the education, childcare, and family issues; Michael Clater specializes in child abuse/neglect issues; and Terry Bachur specializes in environmental, transportation, and building issues.

KCEA takes a leadership position in some issues for those issues are central to its purpose.  On other positions where the legislative issue is not central to our purpose but still pertinent to our constituency, KCEA lends support through informal coaltion work to the leadership of other organizations and groups.

While KCEA’s legislative presence has a strong reputation, there is no time for leisure. While KCEA can gather and distribute information and speak for the movement in appropriate ways, there is no effective replacement for pastoral and principal leadership in the local community.