Publications to Inform

Keystone Sentinel

Pastors, Christian school principals, lay leaders, and similar may receive a monthly electronic, general circulation newsletter addressing issues and concerns in Christian education.  The publication is designed to be forwarded to other leaders in Christian ministry and to be e-mailed and/or printed for distribution in churches and Christian schools. (To download the PDF version of a particular issue, click on the date.)

To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email to with SENTINEL in the subject line. In the body of the email, include your name and mailing address, and what church or school ministry you are associated with.

Typical content includes:

Beneath the Surface – Longer education- and ministry-interest articles
The Bible and Society – Short articles on recent historically relevant discoveries and societal events that intersect with Scripture and the practicing of our Christian faith
The Boardroom – Focus articles on Christian education in Pennsylvania, and especially with KCEA
A Closer Look – Recent KCEA news and mutual activity reports
The Hill – Reports of recent KCEA legislative efforts at Harrisburg relating to education and religious liberty issues
National Notes – Updates on recent governmental, societal, and educational activities in Washington, D.C. and the U.S.
The Printed Page – Reviewing a recent pertinent book that may have interest for our families and/or ministry staff
The State Line – Similar content as “National Notes” but in Pennsylvania

News Notes

Affiliated ministries receive a sizable monthly packet of information containing practical administrative, religious, education, and legal/legislative issues, thus saving the local staff from hundreds of hours of research annually.

Special Reports

Addressing administrative issues with thoroughly researched answers, these publications have addressed topics such as bus laws, future events, principles of testing, and the granting of high school credits. Samples of KCEA’s Special Reports

Media Presentations

KCEA recently produced It Is Time, a 24-minute video detailing the history of the modern Christian school movement in Pennsylvania and KCEA. It also informs of the legal and legislative battles fought in years past, and of those going on today. And it gives first-hand accounts of the reasons why KCEA exists, why both Christian education and KCEA will be needed in the future, and the importance of ministries working together to support each other through mutual activities and helps.

It Is Time could be used for staff in-service, parent-teacher meetings, a Christian Education Sunday in your church, or to give to your school’s parents. The video’s resolution quality can be changed to suit the speed of your internet connection and your ministry’s presentation needs.

Keystone Series

This series is designed as a professional pamphlet that can be used to educate parents and friends about the issues of Christian education. Each title can be included in a business envelope, in a prospective student packet, in a tract rack, or in a church bulletin.

Position Papers

Past papers, deliberative but practical, have guided on such matters as Inoculation Procedures, Government Programs for Non-Public School Students, Illegal Purchase of Religious Materials under PA’s Textbook Loan Program, and Compulsory Attendance Policy.

Helpful Links

There are many organizations that provide additional materials that can assist you, including the following: