Programs for Pastors, Administrators and Staff

Christian Education Conference

Leaders gather each fall for a couple days of spiritual uplift, academic challenge, professional enrichment, idea hunting in the exhibit hall, and opportunity for fellowship with co-workers from across the state.

Visit the official Conference page for more information on the upcoming Annual Christian Education Conference.

Visit the Conference Archive for historic information on past Conferences.

Specialized Seminars

KCEA has used seminars through the years to focus on special situations and needs. Seminars are not scheduled to fulfill (and fill) a calendar; rather, they are scheduled when there is a specific need. The need may be for an Administrative Seminar, a Legislative Seminar at Harrisburg, or for Regional Seminars in Current Events. Regardless of their timing or their purpose, each seminar is designed to give practical help in a professional format.

Achievement Testing Materials

Via agreement with the Stanford test people, KCEA schools can utilize these highly professional tests with all of the national and non-public school norms. At the same time, the tests and the electronic scoring can be secured at a sizable discount. This program not only features discounts, but schools can order their materials in “broken lots” (again at a discount) rather than in the usual packs of 25 or 100 per item.

Christian Honor Society

The staff of KCEA-affiliated schools can challenge their students to excel, while honoring those who do. KCEA encourages schools to plan joint activities with other schools having a KCHS chapter. KCHS custom-made membership certificates and jewelry add distinction to school programs.

Read  additional descriptive information about the KCHS.

Staff Certification

It is not abnormal for consumers to desire to know about the credentials of one who claims to be a professional. KCEA aids the school and its staff by evaluating the academic preparation, spiritual development, job performance, professional growth, and professional history of those who wish to serve in Christian education.

View  materials describing the unique biblical framework of KCEA’s certification program.

School Improvement

For three decades KCEA has challenged schools to actively pursue ways to improve the quality in their programs. During the same time period, KCEA has encouraged schools to pursue accreditation through a Christian organization such as KCEA. Two problems have been evident. First, some schools need more structure to guide them in their efforts. Second, the programs for accreditation are historically “process”-oriented (this looks like “bean counting” to many — busy work to show that one meets standards). In answer to these weaknesses, KCEA is developing a three level self-improvement program that is oriented to looking at the product that the school is producing. The third level can lead to accreditation wherein the school demonstrates that its programs are exemplary.

Speakers Bureau

From Sunday pulpit ministries to graduations and PTF’s, KCEA’s staff is prepared with a wealth of background.

On-Site Consultations

With the wide variety of talents, it is not surprising that churches and schools look to the KCEA staff for wisdom and guidance.

Telephone Consultation

KCEA’s Harrisburg office houses files on virtually every topic that could be asked; and the KCEA professional staff have come to be known to provide accurate, up-to-date information. Dozens of times each week affiliating schools tap these resources, relating to education, administration, government, people, or property. When the KCEA office cannot cite the needed answer, they are well known for knowing where to find the answer. With consultant services like these, church and school leaders can devote their full attention to their ministries.

Take a peek at subjects covered during a recent 3-day period.

Placement Services

Ministries that are seeking staff members and individuals who are seeking a place to minister find ready assistance from KCEA staff.  Dozens are given assistance on an annual basis.

Persons desiring their names to be circulated to affiliating schools should submit a letter of intent and resume to the KCEA office.  Submissions may be mailed, faxed, or transmitted electronically.  The KCEA staff will circulate the appropriate materials to affiliating schools that request placement assistance at no cost.  While KCEA provides this valuable contact service, it is not involved in the actual hiring process.

Affiliating ministries with position openings are encouraged to make their needs known to the KCEA office.  Please include the church/school contact information as well as a detailed description of the available position.