Child Abuse Prevention Training

Pennsylvania’s Act 126 of 2012 requires individuals who come into direct contact with children during the fulfilment of their responsibilities of employment to receive training in child abuse awareness and prevention. The law mandates that “[s]chool entities and independent contractors of school entities shall provide their employes who have direct contact with children with mandatory training on child abuse recognition and reporting.”  Individuals must complete a combined minimum of three (3) hours of training every five (5) years. Training must include (but is not limited to) content on the following subjects:

  • Recognition of the signs of abuse and sexual misconduct
  • Reporting requirements for suspected abuse and sexual misconduct
  • The school/institution’s policies on child abuse and sexual misconduct
  • Provisions of the Professional Educator Discipline Act (PEDA), including mandatory reporting requirements
  • Maintenance of professional and appropriate relationships with students

KCEA has responded to numerous inquiries from affiliating ministries asking for biblically based training for their school staff, volunteers, and church staff and volunteers. The first quality training segment was released in mid-August 2013. Additional updates and legislative news are being released on an ongoing basis to help registered minstries stay current in their training content.

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