All-State Music Programs, Sights & Sounds


The KCEA All-State Choir first gathered in November 1992, the culmination yet opening of an effort to offer an opportunity to affiliating ministries to further develop the musical talents of selected students. By bringing in an ‘outside’ guest clinician, participants are exposed to a ‘new face’ with different methodology than what they are used to at their school. Through this opportunity, the clinician is able to uniquely focus the students to hone their musicianship using the selected pieces, while also directing their attention to the application of Scripture and spiritual truths to their singing/playing/musicianship. Through these learning opportunities, they can then share and apply the lessons learned with others in their choirs and instrumental groups at their school or church, and in other musical opportunities in the future.

Schools receive the annual update for Choir during the summer. This document includes announcements such as the name of that year’s guest clinician, repertoire, and rehearsal information. Interested students work with their school to learn the choral music before auditioning in mid- to late October. Schools are notified of the results in early November, with invited students coming to the Harrisburg area for three days of focused music learning in a Bible-centered setting. Two concluding concerts in the Rotunda of the state Capitol building offer the students an outstanding public forum and venue to demonstrate what they have learned and experienced. The concerts are a highlight of the school year for many students, as they have opportunity to sing with a choir of 115-160 voices in any given year. An untold number of state employees, members of the state House and Senate, and members of the public have witnessed the testimonies given in music and in word in any given year. The 2017 concerts marked the 25th anniversary of the Choir’s founding. Recent guest Choir clinicians have included Dr. Eliezer Yanson of Bob Jones University, Dr. David Ledgerwood of Maranatha Baptist University, and Dr. Russell Shelley, who has been involved with the Choir since its early years.

For Band and String Ensemble, their timeframe begins later in the fall, with music becoming available for preview by October. Schools indicate students’ interest in participating between October and early December, with registrations due by mid-January. Students come together for a full day of instruction with a guest clinician, with a half-day of additional guidance and rehearsals on the day of the closing concert. Simular to Choir, this event serves as a highlight in their school year, with 70-100 students participating annually in Band and a 15-25 in String Ensemble. Just as with Choir, our clinicians interweave lessons from Scripture — personal spiritual growth, Biblical lessons to have a Scriptural philosophy of music to apply throughout our lives, recognizing the beautiful holiness of our God — into their musical instruction. Recent guest Band clinicians have included Drs. David Brown and Rick Townsend of Marantha Baptist University and Dr. Bruce Cox of Bob Jones University, with the strings having been led several times by Dr. Jay-Martin Pinner.


Sample Programs

Here are some programs from various KCEA All-State Choirs and All-State Bands. The following program files are in PDF format.

Choir Programs

Band Programs

Sample Sights

2016 All-State Band

2015 All-State Choir

Sample Sounds

Here are some sound samples from various KCEA All-State Choirs and All-State Bands. The following sound files are in MP3 format. You must have an appropriate sound program in order to listen to them.

Choir Samples

2015 Choir

“Sing a Mighty Song” – Daniel Gawthrop Audio Player




“Jubilate, Alleluia” – Mary Lynn Lightfoot Audio Player




“He Who Began a Good Work” – Joseph Martin Audio Player




2014 Choir

“Foundation” – arr. Dwight Gustafson Audio Player




“¡El Cielo Canta Alegria!” – arr. Roger Bergs Audio Player




Band Samples

2015 Band

“Funiculi, Funicula” – Denza Audio Player




“Be Thou My Vision” – Cross Audio Player




2014 Band

 “Fanfare Prelude on the Italian Hymn” – Curnow Audio Player




“On the Mall” – Goldman Audio Player