Bible Quiz

KCEA Bible Quiz serves as an opportunity for students in affiliating schools of all sizes to test their Bible knowledge in an assigned passage of Scripture. Schools of all sizes have found this activity both supplements and enhances their standard Bible curriculum, student character development activities, and Bible memorization.

Questions are asked from a randomized list developed by KCEA. Question types include short answer and Finish the Verse.  Points are awarded to the team for each correctly answered question. Games continue until 20 questions have been answered correctly, at which time the game score is tallied. Quizzing is conducted in double-elimination format. Team elimination continues until two teams reach the final.

Quizzes primarily use the jump seat-style of signalling system. Alternate signalling using Jeopardy-style hand signalling devices has occasionally been used in specific cases, with warmup being provided.

Quizzing is annually held at a centralized host site. Early communication to the KCEA office by schools interested in quizzing or observing on Quiz Day helps staff in scheduling the host site. Spectators are welcome to attend.