Soccer Tournament

The KCEA soccer tournaments serve as an extracurricular support to reinforce on the athletic field what is being instilled in the classroom in the lives of student-athletes at affiliating schools: character, sportsmanship, and Christ-like attitude and behavior. Through this tournament, teams compete against other Christian schools in KCEA who have also registered to participate.

Tournament Schedule

KCEA soccer tournaments are typically held the last full week of October. Official dates are announced several years in advance on the KCEA Calendar. Host sites are rotated between ministries across the state so as to share in the responsibilities and rewards of this popular student activity. Final dates, tournament sites, registration information, and updates to the Sports Handbook are announced to affiliates in the annual sports update in late summer or early fall. Updated information is sent during the school year on an as-needed basis.

Tournament Organization

Affiliating schools interested in participating in a KCEA tournament are asked to signal their interest to either the KCEA office or a designated member of the KCEA Sports Committee. The Committee and/or the KCEA office receive the registration documents, then review the core information for each team (enrollment in grades 7-12, team record, opponent information, and scores) in order to organize each year’s tournaments. Many years, there have been two tournaments held, classified as “AA” and “AAA”. Schools may request to “play up” at the higher division level in any KCEA sports tournament. The Committee works with KCEA staff to determine the best organization for each single-elimination tournament.

Tournament Playoffs and “Final Four” Weekend

Once the Committee’s and staff’s work is completed, registered schools are notified of the game schedule. When five (5) or more teams are assigned to a tournament (7-v-7 or 11-man), one or more playoff games are scheduled at a neutral site during tournament week, with the winner advancing to the “final four” that weekend. In keeping with this historic practice, schools anticipating participation in a KCEA tournament are asked to avoid scheduling games during that period so that any needed games can be scheduled early in the week.

The KCEA soccer tournaments are typically held at a single host site, on the same dates in late October and at the same location as the volleyball tournaments. Participating schools and parents find this format to be mutually beneficial, as it allows students and spectators to support their team — or both teams — throughout the event. In recent years, games have been played under the lights Friday night, allowing for an extended schedule and also some great memories for the players.

So as to encourage the spiritual growth and Christian character development of team members, coaching staff, and assistants, all teams participate in pre-game devotional challenges from Scripture.  Schools also agree to abide by the KCEA Sports Handbook. A copy of this document can be accessed through the Affiliate portion of this website, or by contacting a member of the KCEA staff.