Volleyball Tournament

AA” Tournament
“AAA” Tournament

The KCEA volleyball tournaments serve as an extracurricular support to reinforce on the athletic court what is being instilled in the classroom in the lives of student-athletes at affiliating schools: character, sportsmanship, and Christ-like attitude and behavior. Through this tournament, teams compete against other Christian schools in KCEA who have also registered to participate. If more than four teams register for a tournament, one or more playoff games are held at a neutral site during tournament week, with the winner(s) advancing to the “final four” that weekend. Teams making it to the “final four” play both Friday and Saturday.

The KCEA volleyball tournaments are typically held at a single host site, on the same dates in late October and at the same location as the soccer tournaments. Participating schools and parents find this format to be mutually beneficial, as it allows students and spectators to support their team — or both teams — throughout the event.


“AA” Tournament

Championship Match

2015: Mt. Carmel Christian (Mt. Pleasant) def. Heritage Christian (Mechanicsburg) 3-0

 Consolation Match

Red Lion 3   Bensalem 1

2014:  Heritage Christian (Mechanicsburg) def. Red Lion Christian (Red Lion) 3-0

Consolation Match

9:30am  Mt. Pleasant Bensalem  0

2013: Bethel Baptist (Aliquippa) def. Mt. Carmel Christian (Mt. Pleasant, 3-1

2012: Bethel Baptist (Aliquippa) def. Calvary Baptist (Clymer), 3-2

2011: Calvary Baptist (Clymer) def. Faith Christian (Turtle Creek), 3-0


“AAA” Tournament

Championship Match

2012: Valley Forge Baptist (Collegeville) def. Emmanuel Baptist (Mechanicsburg), 3-0

2011: Lebanon Christian (Lebanon) def. Valley Forge Baptist (Collegeville), 3-2